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Dog Walk of the Dead - Sunday, October 31st - 11:00am 0 2:00pm - sponsored by O.S.C.A.R. - Come and support O.S.C.A.R. Located on the lower level in the Village Hall. pet photos! pet snacks! pet toys! Help stuff the hearse - O.C.S.A.R. needs dog food, cat food, litter and cleaning supplies.


One Step Closer Animal Rescue O.S.C.A.R.


Our Rescue was created through the desire to save the lives of innocent animals. All of our members have a strong passion to save as many dogs and cats as we can, as well as a commitment to ensure great futures for all of the pets we rescue.

Our Shelter is now operating. However, please note that the shelter is NOT open to the public and is by appointment only and only for persons with approved applications on file. Some may ask, "Why isn't the shelter open for walk through visits? Why do I have to make an appointment to see the animals?"

At O.S.C.A.R., one of our highest priorities is the health and well-being of the animals in our care. Unlike city shelters or pounds, whose residents are in place for a short time, as a no-kill shelter, our pets can be with us for a longer period of time. The shelter is the only safe place and home they know. When strangers, even well-meaning ones looking to adopt, walk through the shelter, it stresses our animals.

We make appointments for potential adopters to meet our dogs either in our Bark Yard or one of our meeting rooms. We'll spend as much time as you need and introduce you to as many animals as you'd like to meet in order to make the best match and help you find the perfect new family member!

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