Use of Property - Code of Conduct

The Shoppes At Lafayette, the property, it’s buildings, designated roadways and parking lots, are private property owned totally and completely by Lafayette Village Associates, LLC. (LVA), and no rights shall accrue to the public by virtue of the tenants or public's entry into this shopping center or on shopping center property.  By entry onto the property, tenants, customers, patrons, visitors, and employees accept and agree to follow this Use of Property/Code of Conduct without exception or limitation.  Violation of this code of conduct may result in expulsion from the property in addition to any other legal remedies that shopping center management may choose to exercise.


Alternate Use of Property – Alternate use of property may include but not limited to, overnight parking, temporary parking for other use and use of Grounds/grass areas for non-LVA center businesses. Overnight parking, parking in non-designated parking areas, parking in fire lanes or other no parking areas is prohibited. Parking violators may be subject to towing at the vehicle owner's expense.  Special use permits may be issued by LVA.  Special use requires the payment of special use fees and a certificate of liability insurance.  Request for special use may be made by submitting a letter/email indicating the principles, activity and dates of the requested  usage.


Surveillance and Security – LVA may monitor the property with the use of 24-hour video surveillance cameras and/or other photographic means. By virtue of the public’s entry into this shopping center, tenants, customers, patrons, visitors, and employees accept and agree to the taking/monitoring of photographs and video by LVA and/or it’s agents.


Covid-19 Precautions - LVA follows the precautions as set forth by the State of New Jersey Guidelines for Indoor/outdoor malls and the Health Department of Sussex County for the conduct of business at outdoor/inside Farmer's Markets & arts and crafts festivals and other gatherings.  In addition, the individual Shoppes/stores may impose tighter precautions in their stores based on the close proximity of shoppers in their stores.


Code of conduct - LVA has set forth the following Code of Conduct to protect the Mall's legitimate business interests and provide you with the best shopping experience possible. By refraining from the activities listed below, together we can achieve a safe and successful environment.

  1. Behavior that is disorderly, disruptive or that endangers others is prohibited.
  2. Defacing, damaging, or destroying any property is prohibited.
  3. Littering is prohibited.
  4. Running, skating, skateboarding, bicycling and all other forms of "horse play", loitering, obstructing, or interfering with the free flow of customer traffic is prohibited.
  5. Use of any property in an improper or unsafe manner is prohibited.
  6. All patrons must be fully clothed, indecent exposure or gang-related attire are prohibited—all are subject to Property Management discretion or designee of management.
  7. Engaging in any sexual activity, including, but not limited to, using sexually explicit language, engaging in sexual conduct, or engaging in excessive public displays of affection is prohibited.
  8. Loud behavior, the playing of musical instruments or audio devices and music, initiated, conducted or played by any tenant, guest, visitor, customer or entity, that interferes with the successful conduct of business or otherwise restricts normal business practices, in and around the tenants and guests, guests including, but not limited to temporary tenants, vendors of the farmers market, arts & crafts vendors and other official use of the said property, is prohibited.
  9. Loitering, and the blocking of store entrances, walk-ways and fire exits by any individual or entity is prohibited.
  10. Possession of a weapon is prohibited, even if legally owned, except by law enforcement officers.
  11. Smoking is prohibited throughout the interior/exterior public and service areas.
  12. The illegal possession of controlled substances is prohibited.
  13. The legal consumption of alcoholic beverages may only occur in designated areas such as restaurants and Stores/Assembly halls giving away said alcohol as part of an organization/individual party/celebration such as but not limited to office party, wedding reception, DIY party or open house celebration.  In these cases the alcoholic beverage must stay within an enclosed area.
  14. All tenants and visitors are required to leave the interior common areas of The Shoppes At Lafayette once the property closes for business each evening unless otherwise receiving permission of the property management.
  15. Picketing, leafleting, soliciting and/or petitioning is prohibited.
  16. All animals, other than trained Service Animals, are prohibited, except where otherwise specifically permitted per the Dog Policy listed elsewhere. (website)
  17. Sitting on floors, planters, handrails, escalators, stairs, and trash receptacles is prohibited.
  18. The use of the property to launch and/or recover flying devices such as but not limited to DRONES without prior written approval of the property management office is prohibited.  To issue permission to use the property for launching or recovering DRONES, the property management office will require proof of liability insurance and FAA issued DRONE license.
  19. Engaging in any act defined by Federal, State or Local Law, constituting a criminal offense, is prohibited.


All Items on this page are subject to change or revision without notice.