2023 Farmers Market Starts Sunday, May 28, 2023



The Shoppes of Lafayette is sponsoring the Sunday Farmers market.   The farmers market will be every Sunday, rain or shine, from May 28, 2023, to November 5.  The farmers market will operate 10:00am - 2:00pm.


Farm Market Vendors and Arts and Crafts Vendors are invited to participate.


We have a multi-layer cost system this year.  Only want to come once a month, no problem.  Want to come every Sunday and pay for the entire year, no problem.


  1. Farmer’s Market – Drop-in Fee - Single Weekend Day, no commitment to additional weeks

One (1) Space:     $60.00 per day          Two (2) Spaces: $100.00 per day


  1. Farmer’s Market - Monthly commitment - pay Weekly fee.

One (1) Space:      $45.00        Two (2) Spaces:    $60.00


  1. Farmer’s Market – Monthly Contract fee – Full month paid on the 1st Sunday of the month. Payment will be monthly, payment due the first Sunday of the month.  No credit/refund given for weeks not in attendance. 

One (1) Space:      pay per month required  ($40.00 per day)

Two (2) Spaces:    pay per month required  ($55.00 per day)


  1. Farmer’s Market Seasonal Contract - Costs per frontage space for the year, Sundays from May 28 to November 5. One Payment will be made at the beginning of the Season.  No credit/refund given for weeks not in attendance. 

One (1) Space:      $  800.00

Two (2) Spaces:    $1,200.00

Three (3) Spaces:  $1,500.00

Four (4) Spaces:    $1,900.00


SCAM ALERT AGAIN – There are people pretending to be agents of The Shoppes at Lafayette trying to sell vendor spaces to our farm market and vendor events.  Note that The Shoppes at Lafayette does not conduct business over messenger.  Also, The Shoppes at Lafayette, for craft vendor events and farm market events, does not accept credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Amazon cards, Google cards or any other electronic forms.  We accept cash and checks only for special events sponsored by The Shoppes at Lafayette.  Checks to be made out to Lafayette Village Associated LLC.


Remember - Vendor Checks are to be made out to "Lafayette Village Associates" only. No other organization and no person names.

So please beware!


2023 Farmers Market Agreement

Please Stay Safe

Buy Local Business

Buy Small Business


The following Rules and Regulations applies to all vendors

Farmers Market 2022 rules and Regulations



Ken Olsen - Farmers Market and Events Manager

Email:  kennyoco@aol.com