The Harrisons on The Green

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The Harrisons, a renown musical group in northern New Jersey will be on The Green at The Shoppes At Lafayette this Sunday, November 25, 12:00 – 3:00. This will be the last performance of the season for The Harrisons. So Come. Bring a lawn Chair. Bring a Lunch and beverage. Enjoy the music.

All the Stores are open, both upper level and lower level.

The Lafayette House is open with outdoor dining, reservations really needed.

The Farmers Market is still going on. Here’s the current list of vendors at the farmers market:

Coffee Special Shop
Weirdough Pizza
Jersey Pickels
J’s Table
Kookie Kueen
Olsen Honey
Paolo’s Kitchen
Jimmy’s Mushrooms
Grinnella Bakery
Rosie’s Empanadas
K&A Farms
Krakus Deli
Valley View Farms
Plentiful Kitchen
Garden State Rusty Nuts
List of Vendors at the Farmers Market