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Spaces are Approx. 90 sq ft spaces.


Single Day Pricing:  Outdoor $50.00


Contractual Pricing - For contractual pricing , you must commit to the entire season.  However You may move from indoors to outdoors.

Outdoor Space: $  35.00 per space per day


These prices are not valid during special shopping/event weekends.  A contract to commit to the season schedule will entitle vendor a reduced price for participating in the special events as determined by LVA.  Vendors must provide their own tent, tables and chairs.


FARMERS MARKET.   Operating Hours:  10:30am- 3:00pm or later.  Most vendors stay until the tenant Shoppes close. (currently 5:00pm)

Photos of the crafts may be required to be submitted with this agreement for consideration to reduce redundancy and ensure product quality. Vendors/Items in direct competition with established tenants will not be accepted.

Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) is REQUIRED. (per our insurance company)

2021 Schedule

Special Weekend Pricing

  • October 16-17 Garlic Festival
  • November 26-28 Special Black Friday Shopping Weekend indoor/outdoor
  • December 4-5 Special Christmas Shopping Event  indoor
  • December 11-12 Special Christmas Shopping Event indoor
  • December 18-19 Special Christmas Shopping Event indoor

Vendor Agreements

Farmers Market-Craft Vendor Event Agreement July 2021-7-5

Release from Liability - July 2021