POP-UP Shoppe weekends - Farmer's Market


The Shoppes At Lafayette is scheduling monthly POP-UP Shoppe weekends for the entire year.  We are  looking for craft vendors to rent space, indoor and/or outdoor, for sales of products during the 2021 shopping year as POP-UP Shop Weekends with other special events.  Depending on the weather, both indoor and outdoor spaces will be utilized.  Outdoor spaces will utilize the central GREEN.


Spaces are Approx. 90 sq ft spaces.  Number of spaces needed:  _____

(Costs of Spaces Below)




Single Day Pricing:  Indoor $75.00 – Outdoor $45.00


Contractual Pricing:

Indoor Space:    $50.00 per space per day

Outdoor Space: $  35.00 per space per day


These prices are not valid during special shopping/event weekends.  A contract to commit to the schedule will entitle vendor a reduced price for participating in the special events as determined by LVA.


FARMERS MARKET:  Farmers Market is currently scheduled to begin the third week of April.  A contract to commit to the POP-UP schedule also entitles the vendor use of these prices when participating in the Sunday farmers market.


Operating Hours:  Will follow the operating hours of The Shoppes or as otherwise determined.


Photos of the crafts may be required to be submitted with this agreement for consideration to reduce redundancy and ensure product quality. Vendors/Items in direct competition with established tenants will not be accepted.


Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) is REQUIRED.


More information Email:


Covid-19 Requirements are in effect  as directed by the Sussex County Health Department.


  1. Face Masks must be worn:

-Inside Buildings

-Around product/produce

-when in proximity of other groups of people

  1. It is the responsibility of each vendor to help enforce the facemask requirement.
  2. Customers to maintain the six (6) foot social distance.
  3. Crafter must maintain Covid-19 requirements for sanitizing their area.


2021 Schedule

Schedule of  Major Shopping Weekends for POP-UP Shoppes

  • June 19-20 Shopping Weekend with Sunday farmers market
  • July 17-18 Shopping Weekend with Sunday farmers market
  • August 21-22 Shopping Weekend with Sunday farmers market
  • September 18-19 Shopping Weekend with Sunday farmers market
  • October 16-17 Special Weekend
  • November 20-21 Shopping Weekend with Sunday farmers market


Special Weekends


  • October 16/17 Garlic Festival Weekend
  • November 26-28 Special Black Friday Shopping Weekend indoor/outdoor
  • December 4-5 Special Christmas Shopping Event  indoor
  • December 11-12 Special Christmas Shopping Event indoor
  • December 18-19 Special Christmas Shopping Event indoor


Vendor Agreements

LVA Pop-up Shoppes Vendor Agreement 2021-01-07


2021-02-05 - LVA Farmers Market Vendor Agreement