COVID Precautions For Black Friday Weekend

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During this Christmas Holiday Shopping Weekend, it is critical that all of us observe the recommendations of the CDC to keep all of us safe.  The key words this weekend is “Wear Facemasks” and maintain proper social distancing.

Face Masks are required to be worn as per the guidance from Sussex County Department of Health and the Town of Lafayette.  Face Masks are to be worn:

  • In the Stores
  • In the outdoor craft booths
  • Around the products and produce
  • Standing in line waiting for the Food Trucks or Photos with Santa and Mrs Claus
  • On the walking paths and on The Green when in the midst of “unrelated families or groups of people”

Santa have specific guidelines for “Photography With Santa”  Santa and Mrs Claus will be wearing Face Masks.  Masks are required for Photos with Santa or as directed by Santa.

Elisa Girlando Studio performance – The performers will be wearing masks except for the specific action of singing.  They will remove their masks to sing and then put their masks back on.  Singing is very dynamic, please keep at least 20 feet from the performance.

If you have a desire to sing along with the children, please ensure your mask is on.

Be safe this holiday season